Frequently Asked Questions

(Note:  Illustrated here is based on a metal tin can size 502mm x 608mm with a product net weight of 860 grams of powder.  To customize your shipment, contact us form more details.)

Bulk Powder

Bulk powder formula MOQ is 15,000 kg / 33,070 Lbs. – Call for availability and processing.

(Note:  Bulk powder formula is available on demand and can be packaged based on your co-packer requirements)

Is a brand of product that is marketed by a retailer or distributor and sold alongside manufacturer brands, usually as a discount alternative.

An agreement that details the commitment we have with you, your label and your responsibilities.

Deposit may vary from the type of formula you are looking to private label.  Most deposits are applied to the manufacturing process of your product and most of our standard formulas require “No” additional deposits.

It is a customized formula developed strictly for your brand.

In some markets it is required but most markets you may use our standard formulas.

If and when you need a customized formula we will provide you with one with your specifications.

Customized formulation fees varies on the formulas and clinical testing that it requires as well as FDA registrations.

Infant Formulas: Step 1, 2, and 3

15,000 units for a 40 Foot Full Container Load (FCL)
7,500 units for a 20’ FCL

(Note:  Illustrated here is based on a metal tin can size 502 with a product net weight of 900 grams of powder.  To customize your shipment, contact us for more details.)

Children, Prenatal, and Adult, Diabetic, and Senior Care Formulas

15,000 units for a 40’ FCL
7,500 units for a 20’ FCL

(Note:  Illustrated here is based on a metal tin can size 502 with a product net weight of 900 grams of powder.  To customize your shipment, contact us for more details.)

Your initial order will take around 8 to 12 weeks due to the branding, formulation process, blending, and packaging requirements.  After the initial order it should only be around 6 to 10 weeks to process your orders.

We always recommend planning ahead so you’ll have stock on hand. Nevertheless, emergencies happen and if you let us know what you need we will do our best to get it to you right away.

After receipt of your payment or deposit, the length of time from manufacturing to shipping is 6 to 12 weeks.

Our manufacturing machinery and label templates are all calibrated specifically for our packaging. As such, we only use our standard packaging.

Our branding and marketing team will be able to assist you in getting you started from concept all the way through commercialization of your brand.

Having your own design at hand and ready retails is a plus.  This will not only cut the time on your lead time as well as expedite the packaging process.

If you already have a registered SKU’s and have a bar code let us know so we can apply it to your label.

Per regulations all of our products are shipped with labels on them and all you need to do is price them and put them on your shelves.

Our private labeling process allows you to create names that tie in with your own market.

This is performed by a third party laboratory as well as our contracted third party laboratory.  You will be given copies of all certificates and analysis.

All formulas produced and sold by our company are manufactured in the US.

Our facilities are all FDA registered.

Although some markets may not require you to register your product, brand and formula, we highly recommend that you should register in your market territory with the proper agencies.  This will make your import process easier and stress free.

It will depend on your country or territory. We recommend that you check with your customs and health offices.

We highly recommend that you insure all of your shipments.

Payments are via wire transfer to our bank or via Letter of Credit (LC)

We support your growing business by offering product samples.

The product pickup location is at our facility or you may pick up the product with our warehouse consolidating partners.

Prior to releasing the product to you, our Quality Control team will perform a quality check and quantity count prior to loading it to your shipping container.  You may perform this on your own or hire a third party as an added measure. In the event that your product was damage due to shipping, we will work with you in resolving this matter with the carrier.

Depending on the size of your product we can produce 5 to 12 Million units per year.

Simply contact your sales associates or your may contact us directly.

Some countries, due to regulations and policy, do not require FDA Approval. Please consult with the proper agencies in your country.

All our products undergo strict quality control and are manufactured on demand.

The shelf life of the formula is 24 Months after the manufacture date.

For 400g net weight cans there are 24 cans per case and 1,042 cases totaling 25,008 cans per 40 FCL High Cube.

For 900g net weight cans there are 6 cans per case and 2,520 cases totaling 15,120 cans per 40 FCL High Cube.

There are 720 (25 kilo bags), the Minimum Order Quantity is 18,000 Kilos.

Any concerns not covered by this FAQ should be addressed to our sales and customer service department.

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